This is a feature to track the "Product and Revenue" details of contacts.

  • Product and revenue: This shows the total orders, as well as total revenue, total products purchased, and total items purchased.
  • Latest orders: This shows ID, grand total, original order ID, products purchased, and order status.

For any contacts/orders that will come through our Cart integrations, we will store their Purchase history data i.e. the number of products purchased, order_id, price etc.

(This information can be pushed into the system via an API call, which will be viewable at the bottom of the Integrations Tab in the Maropost account)

Once integrated, this information can be viewed on the contacts information page. Please refer to the screenshot below:

You will be able to create Segments based on Products purchased by contacts or based on the Revenue generated by them, using the new filters introduced in our Segments:

  • Product
  • Revenue
  • Revenue with Order Status
  • Order Status
  • Product Category
  • Conversion

These Segments send the desired Campaigns to a specific set of contacts/buyers.