Steps to add images in Maropost:

1. Kindly hover on (M) logo and click on "Email".


2. Now hover the cursor on "Content" and click on "Image Library" from the drop-down.

3. Now you will be able to see all the images, folders that are present in the image library of your account. To add images to the library, hover the cursor back to "Content" and then click on "Add Image".

4. A pop-up will appear. 

Click on "Choose File" and select the image. You can add multiple images by clicking on "Add image" button on the same pop-up. Once all the images are selected, click on save. 

You will be navigated to the image library page again where you can view your images now. 

Things you can do in image library:

A. You can create multiple folders to organise your images. 

B. Drag and drop images into folders or upload images directly into the folders. 

C. To go inside a folder, double click on its name.

D. In order to delete or rename the folder, hover the cursor on the folder name and you will (x) to delete and a tool sign to edit the name. 

E. To come out of a folder, you must double click on the "Back" button available inside the folder. 

F. To know the image URL, hover the cursor on the image and click on (i) sign. 

G. To delete an image, hover the cursor on the image and click (x) sign.