1. Hover on your name on the top right-hand side and click "Connections".


2. Click on "Carts" tab on the top.

3. Click on "Add Cart".


4. Choose 3d Cart. 

5. Enter the required fields, enter any name you want and then enter the Merchant ID as your API User Key on 3d Cart, then click on save.

6. You will see "Notification URL", copy and paste that URL in the POST URL on the API settings page and Enable Post URL option.

7. Now, you will see this cart while creating a new list or editing an existing list, you will have to check mark the Cart (you can also enter specific Product IDs/Items you want to bring in a list) and then click “Save”. Leaving the product id box blank means all the products will be targetted. 

Note: Product ids are case sensitive. Kindly ensure to save them in the same format as stored in your respective cart. 

Now, if any order will be placed, contact information (email, first name, last name and Product&Revenue) will get saved into that Maropost List in which you have selected the cart.

Important: To see the product&Revenue details against contact records, kindly ensure that product and revenue tool is activated for your account. If the tool is not activated and you are using any one of the cart integrations, the product and revenue data will not be stored in Maropost. Hence, it is important that you contact your account manager or support@maropost.com to get the activation done before you implement any of the carts integrations in your account. 

This further helps you in creating segments based on product and revenue.