Background: Many times when we import contacts to a list, there are chances that the contact's first and last name is empty. 

Solution: This can be resolved by setting a default value for the first and last name under the field’s section. 

Let's take the example of the default field ”first name”. When we need the first name of a contact to appear in the content of a campaign, we have to use the contact tag “{{contact.first_name}} ”. However, a blank space appears when the first name field is empty for a contact. 

By setting a default value for this field (say Buddy), this will appear in the content as “Hi Buddy”.

Please follow these steps to add the default values to the fields:

1. Hover the cursor to the M logo on the top left and click on "Email".

2. Now hover the cursor to "Contacts" tab and click on "Fields". 

3. Here, click on "Edit" and a new box will open.

4. Add the necessary details and click on "Save".