Forms -- There are 4 steps which constitute a form. Below is the explanation step by step. 

Hover the cursor over the M logo and from the resulting drop down select the Web option.

2. Hover the cursor over Acquisition and from the resulting drop-down select "Acquisition Forms".

3. Hover the cursor over to "Acquisition forms" and then click on "Signup forms". 

This will take you to the New Form page which further has 4 Steps, they're described below:

STEP-1 (Create Sign up Form)

1) Please fill in the details like Name of the form, then select the list in which you want the end-user to be added after he fills in the form, after that you can select any or all of the various options below:-

A) Send an email to this address when a subscriber is added -- If this option is checked, as soon as the end-user submits the form an email would be sent with the information to the mentioned email address of the client. 

B) Redirect subscriber to this URL after form is complete -- After the form is submitted the end-user would be directed to the mentioned URL, e.g.

C) Skip thank you page -- If you want to skip the thank you page you can check this option.

D) Include form data in redirect URL -- If you want to send the end user's information to any specific URL you can mention that in the box provided. 

E) Enable double opt-in -- This will send a Confirm Your Subscription email to the end-user first, if he clicks/chooses it, he/she would be added to the respective list.

Click on Next (at the bottom) to go to the next page.

STEP-2 (Design Signup Form)

On the step2 it shows all the fields which are there in the system and can be added to the form. They can be added to the form by clicking on the arrow in front of the field name. You can even do formatting of the form through the tools available on the right side.

Click on Next (at the bottom) to go to the next page.

STEP-3 (Modify Header and Footer)

This step would open up an editor for you to make appropriate alterations to the header and the footer of the form. You can add your own logo, headers, footers etc.

Click on Next (at the bottom) to go to the next page.

STEP-4 (Thank You Message)

On this page, you can design the "Thank you" page. This page shows up when the user submits the form. Finally, you can click on Save at the bottom to save the form.