In order to use this feature, you need to follow these steps:

  • Take the cursor over the 'M' logo and click on 'web'.
  • Take the cursor on 'web tracking' and click on the 'new website'.
  • A small window will pop up, enter a name and save it.
  • Now, you will see two different scripts one for 'Integration' (it will provide number of pages, opens and clicks) and one for 'Integration with User Identification' (it will provide pages, opens and clicks along with user information).
  • In order to get this feature up and running, select any of the script as per your requirement and copy and paste this Script tag within the html tag of your website (you can add this script along with the other scripts you have imported. Preferably before opening body tag). 
  • Once it is done, the website tracking show page will start giving the stats. 
  • For further information, you can click on opens, clicks and pages.