There are 2 different methods to fetch the unsubscribes:

L     1. List based

2     2. Campaign based


List basedIn order to fetch the unsubscribes individually for a particular list, Follow the steps below:

1    1. Hover the cursor to the “M” logo and then click on the “Contacts”. You will see all the lists present in your account.

2     2. Under the name of the lists, you will see an option “Export”. Click on “Export”.

3     3. A pop-up will appear. Select the type of subscription you wish to export and then click on save. In the same pop-up, you are allowed to choose the fields you wish to export apart from the email address. 

4     4. The file will be available for download under the notification bell. 

Campaign based: You can also fetch the unsubscribed contacts from the campaign report. Kindly follow the steps below:

1     1. Hover the cursor on the “M” logo and then click on “Email”. You will see the campaign Index page.

2     2. Now, on the top of the campaign list, you will see options like: “Recently modified, All, Draft, Schedule, Sent, Workflow, A/B Campaigns”. Click on “Sent” and it will take you to the “Dashboard” window where you can see the report of the campaigns delivered to the contacts.  You can also search for the campaign name.

3     3. Click on the campaign for which you want to export the unsubscribes. On the next page, under “User Engagement”, you will see “Unsubscribed” column. Click on that and it will show all the unsubscribes of that particular campaign in “UI”.

4     4. in order to download all the unsubscribes, you will need to export the complete report. Go back to the previous page and click on “Export Report”. Kindly refer to the screenshot for more details.

Moreover, you may also refer to the "Reports API" for unsubscribers which will fetch the unsubscribes for the entire account.

Note - Please use xml or json format in the API calls.

The above API call will give you all the contacts for the entire account those who unsubscribed.

There are multiple API calls in order to fetch unsubscribes, such as:

  • To get unsubscribes with mention contact fields
  • To get unsubscribes between a specific date range
  • To get unique unsubscribes
  • To get unsubscribes for a specific contact
  • To get the desired number of unsubscribes per page
You will find the API documentation under "connections" tab or you may also refer to this link