Hover over to ‘Reports/Analytics’ and click on ‘Create Custom reports’

Step 1. On the first page of the custom campaign report page you can select the campaigns for which you want to fetch the reports. You can create the reports for sent, recurring and workflows campaigns.

On the right side of the page there is an option to select the list for which the campaign was sent. With that you can find the reports for a campaign with respect to the list selected to send the report.

Step 2. You can create rules to customize the report. You can customize the reports based on the ‘Contact Information’ and ‘Location’ of the contact

Step 3.On the step three, there is an option to email the custom reports to two email address separated by a comma.

The reports can be generated or emailed in four different formats. (Comma separated list(.csv), Excel spreadsheet (.xls), PDF(.pdf) and Detailed excel 2012 sheet(.xlsx))

Step 4. On the last page of the custom reports you can schedule or simply generate the reports by clicking on submit.

Note: Email address need to be filled in the step 3 of the custom reports if schedule report is selected.