One-Time option sends the campaign to contacts according to their respective time zone. E.g. If the campaign is to be sent at 10 am EST, but some contacts are listed in the PST or MST time zones, the campaign will be sent at 10 am according to the time zone of the contact (if listed). When using the ‘One Time’ sending option, there are two scenarios:

  • A) If a campaign is scheduled for 6 pm EST today and a contact is in a time zone where 6 pm is in past now, then the campaign will be delivered next day at the same time (6 pm the day after).
  • B) If a campaign is scheduled for tomorrow at 6 pm EST, then the campaign will get locked for 16 hours and will start delivering with Fiji time zone at 6 pm the previous day and simultaneously to the rest of the time zones. Once the campaign gets locked it cannot be edited.

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