In order to fetch the subscriber’s data by geography, you can create a segment. The segment can be created based on the following conditions:

Location >> is known/ is in/ is near >> Name of the country/ state. 

The central part of the condition may vary according to your requirement. For example, if you want to fetch all the contacts for which the location data is available in Maropost then you can create segment with the condition “location >> is known”. 

In case you want to fetch the contacts in a particular country or a state then you can use ”Is in“. Please refer the snapshot below:

Condition “is near” is used when you want to fetch the contact location data within a certain range of a city or state.

Maropost captures the location data when an end user opens any campaign/broadcast sent via Maropost system to the end user. 

Note:- This segment only fetches the location data for those contacts that have opened a campaign sent via Maropost. A new subscriber that has not received or opened any email via Maropost will not be fetched in this segment.