Recently Maropost has implemented a new feature called "Custom footer" which enables the client to create their own footer. With the custom footer feature clients now have the ability to design the preference pages according to their own preferences.

By preference pages, I mean Manage subscriptions, Report spam, 1 Click unsubscribe and Edit profile pages.

Clients have the choice to create :

1. Custom footer with default preference pages.

2. Custom footer with customised preference pages.

Please follow the below mentioned easy steps to customise the footer:

1.Custom footer with default preference pages:

a. Hover the mouse cursor on "Content".

b. Click on "Footer Management".

c. Again hover the mouse cursor on "Content" and click "New footer".

d. Here you will get the editor to design your own footer.

e.Design the footer and then put the preference tags and hyperlink it. For example, write manage subscription in the footer and hyperlink it. In order to hyperlink it, highlight the manage subscription text and then click on "Link Button". In the Url field enter the tag "{{campaign.unsubscribe_link}}" and click ok. Similarly, you can can do it for other preferences options.

f. Click on "Save".

2. Custom footer with customised preference pages :- In this case, you need to customise the preference pages before creating a new footer. So that the new preference can be added to the new footer.

a. Hover the cursor on "Contacts".

b. Click on "Preference Management".

c. Again hover the mouse on "Contacts" and click "New preference page".

d. Here you can create your preferences. You can give a name to the preference page and from the "Page type" drop down select the page you want to customise. In case, you want to customise all the pages then you have to create an individual page for each option.

e. Click on "Save".

f. Once done creating the preference pages, you need to add these to the footer.

g. In order to the add the preference page to the footer, go to the footer creation page following the steps mentioned in "PART 1" of this article. On this page, you can select the preference page that you have created against the option for which you want to use it.

h. Click on "Save".

Your "Custom Footer" is good to go now!

In order to use the custom footer in the contents, please follow the below steps:

1. Hover the mouse on "Content". You will see all the contents in your account.

2. Click on "New content" or "Edit content" under the content name if you wish to apply custom footer for an existing content. 

3. On this page, below the content editor, you will see "Content footer". From the footer type option select "Custom footer" and in the next field "Select the name of your footer".

4. Once you are done with content creation and adding the custom footer, kindly click on "Save."

Please refer the below snapshot.

So now, when you will send the campaign with this content, the end users will get the emails with the customised footer.