Dynamic content is the HTML content on emails that changes based on the viewer. As people match the criteria you set for your dynamic content (like an industry, job title, or even a score or grade), a variation of content will display that’s relevant to that viewer. 

Alternate: The main purpose of using dynamic content is to show some part of the content dynamically to different contacts.


For example, you have 2 different segments male/female and you want to send same content to both segments but with slight difference in the content. So lets say in the original content you have a text “sales for male” but want that the same text should display “sales for female” when it is sent to female segment, then dynamic content is used. Rest of the content remains same.


Please follow the steps below to use the feature:

1.Hover the mouse cursor on content and click "New content".

2.Select the place in the content where you want the dynamic content and click on the 'dynamic content' tab in the editor. 

3.On the next page give a name to the dynamic tag. You will also see two content editor windows, upper one 'Original Content Preview' and the lower one    which will be the one for the dynamic content. 

4.There is a drop down menu from where you can select a segment as dynamic content's recipients will be based on the segment.

5.You can create content for multiple segments by clicking "Add rule".

6. Click on "Save" 

Once it is saved, a tag will be generated at the place where you wanted the dynamic content. In case you want to edit the dynamic content, highlight the dynamic tag and then click on the 'dynamic content' tab, it will take you to the same page where you created the dynamic content.


You can also use the same tag again from 'dynamic areas' tab in the content editor.