The Lead Ad looks like a link page post ad in the feed. The call-to-action should accurately convey to the user that they will be subscribing to newsletter or submitting a lead (e.g. "Subscribe" or "Sign Up").

  • The primary restriction for reading leads into Maropost will be the page admin requirement: Only users who are administrators of Facebook Pages (on which the ad was run) can view the leads.
  • You must have ad_id to integrate in Maropost for which you want to read the leads.
Following are the steps below to integrate Facebook Lead ads in:
  • Hover the cursor on (M) logo
  • Click on “Social” from the drop-down menu

  • You will see the Facebook lead ad integration, when you click on it you will see the tab “Create social leads” to create new lead.

  • Click on "Create social leads", new form will open up.

  • Enter the ad_id for which you want to read the leads
  • Select the Facebook account for which Lead Ad is running.
  • Select the lists for which you want to subscribe the leads into Maropost.
  • You can also enable/disable the social lead by checking/unchecking the active field.
  • Then click on "Save".

You will be redirected to the index page where you can see the social leads.

Maropost fetch leads after every 30 minutes. Currently, we fetch email, first_name and last_name of the lead.