At Maropost, there are a few features related to secure lists within your account. Some companies will rent out their email lists to partners or to an affiliate network, and privacy is the most important aspect when exposing contact information to an external source.

secure list is a list that is stored in MD5 hash form to protect the contact details stored within it. It is best used for when you need to share a contact list with an external source, but you want to protect the contact information held inside the list.

secure suppression list is essentially an encrypted ‘do not mail’ list. Since companies and affiliate networks have their own platforms, there must be a way to sync the unsubscriptions from a list.

To create a secure list, please follow these steps:

  • Hover your cursor over the Maropost logo, and click ‘Email’, which will bring you to the campaign index page.


  • Click on ‘Contacts’, then hover your cursor over ‘Contacts’ again and click ‘Secure Lists’, which will bring you to the secure list index page.
  • Hover your cursor over ‘Contacts’ again, and click ‘New Secure List’. This will show a pop-up where you can name your new list.


To import or export a secure list, please follow these steps:


  • After naming your list, you will see the same options as if you were creating a regular list; import, export, contacts, edit, delete, and refresh counts.

  • Click ‘Import’ to import your secure contact file. You will be shown a pop-up box. 
  • Select the necessary details needed to import your secure list. The most important aspect is to select the column name or column number in which your MD5 hashed contact details are stored. 
  • There is also an option to import secure contact lists via FTP upload.

  • Click ‘Export’ to export a secure contact list. 
  • The export will immediately begin, and you can check the status of the export by clicking on the ‘Bell’ notification logo along the top of the page.

To export a secure suppression list from your Maropost account, please follow these steps:


  • Hover your cursor over your username on the top left, and click ‘Account Settings’.

  • On the ‘Account Settings’ page, you’ll see ‘Do Not Mail List’ on the left side of the page. 
  • There are 4 options; import, export, encrypted export and manage
  • You will also see a Brands ‘Do Not Mail List’ with 3 options; export, encrypted export and manage.


  • Click ‘Encrypted Export’, and a .csv file download will begin immediately.
  • Inside the .csv file, there will be 1 column name; secure_email
  • In this column, you will see your list  of suppressed emails in the form of MD5 hash.


 **You can schedule imports with secure lists in automation > data workflows.**

When scheduling a new campaign, you will be shown the options; secure list, suppress secure lists, suppress segment, or suppress workflows.