We are happy to announce that our team has built a new integration alongside the existing Infusionsoft integration that will allow our clients to add contacts to Maropost DNM list when they unsubscribe from all in Infusionsoft.


This is a key feature especially when we look and talk about managing inactive subscriptions across both platforms in sync. 


To begin with, you will need to obtain the API URL and API key from Infusionsoft. Please note that if you have an existing Infusionsoft integration and wants to set up the “Add to DNM”, then the API URL and API key will remain the same.

Once you have both of them, kindly follow the steps below:

 1. Login to your Maropost Account.

2. Hover the cursor to your name on the top right and then click on “Connections” from the drop-down.

3. Click on “Infusionsoft” tab.

4. Now click on “Add settings” and choose “Add to DNM List” integration type.

5. Enter a name, API URL and Key that you obtained from Infusionsoft and then click on save.

6. The system will generate a POST URL. Copy this URL.

7. Now go back to your Infusionsoft account and perform the following steps:

  • Go to Marketing Settings.
  • Click on “Email Defaults”
  • Click on “Action” button in front of “When someone opts out of all email marketing”.
  • Select “send an Http post to another server” from the drop-down list under actions.
  • Paste the POST URL copied from Maropost and then click on save.


This will send back a string of information to Maropost and we will capture the email address and save it inside the Maropost DNM list.


The integration works in real time.