In order to create SalesForce integration, kindly follow the steps below:


  • Login to your MP account.
  • Hover the cursor to your name of the top right side and then click on “Connections” from the drop-down.

  •  Click on the “SalesForce” tab now. 

  •  Click on “Add Settings” now. A pop-up will appear. 

  • Give a name. Then enter the SalesForce username and password. Lastly, fill the API key (Security Token). You can fetch this key from your SalesForce account. Follow the steps below to fetch the key:

  1.  Login to your SalesForce account
  2. Hover over your name and click on “My Settings” from the Drop-Down. 
  3.  Go to personal menu on the left-hand side.
  4.  Now go to “Reset Security Token”.
  5.  Click on “Rest Security Token” tab. It will generate a new token. 
  6.  Copy this token and paste it under API key section of the SalesForce integration.

  • Now click on “Save.” Integration is complete now.
  •  To send a campaign from Maropost to SalesForce leads and contacts, kindly hover the cursor to (M) logo and then click on “Email.”

  •  Now hover the cursor to “Campaign” tab and then click on “New Campaign”.

  •  Fill all the details like campaign name, subject, from name etc and then click on “SalesForce Campaigns” tab.

  •  The campaigns will be fetched automatically from SalesForce.
  •  Select any of the campaign and then schedule it.
  •  At the time of sending of campaign, it will fetch all the contacts and leads from SalesForce and send it over.

The reporting (clicks, opens etc) of the SalesForce campaign will be viewable in MP and same will be viewable in MP and same will be pushed to SalesForce as well.