Tables, or Relational tables, are used to store data held in structured format within a database. There are different aspects of tables which can be used for writing MYSQL queries. Tables are formed with the insertion of columns and rows.

A table has a specified number of columns but can have N number of rows. Each row is identified by one or more values appearing in a particular column subset. The column subset, which uniquely identifies a row, is called the primary key. In Maropost, tables are the very useful aspect of storing data and different queries can be written to fetch details.

 Key Points to Remember:

1) Table name should not contain space. Preference is given to the small letters and underscore. For example: "Test Table" is the incorrect naming of the table, however "test_table" is the correct way of naming.

2) In the column name, you cannot enter "type" because it is not recognised by Mysql.

3) ID should be typed as "ID" in the column instead of the small case - "id".

4) The auto increment is always stored in odd numbers and should be an integer.

5) The primary key can only be checked for one column.

6) Sendable datatype is only for email column.

7) Truncate means it will delete the records inside the table, the columns and the table will still exist.

8) Delete option will delete the table completely, the data as well as the structure of the table.

9) While importing the CSV into the table the headers in the CSV and the columns in the table should be identical. They are case sensitive.

10) The relationship is created between the two tables and the key type of the columns should be set as unique. Also, a relationship is created between a sendable and a non-sendable column.