More users are spending a larger amount of time on mobile devices than ever before. With the first increasing pace of the modern life, mobile devices are serving as a great convenience enabling people to access anything and everything. You can go online; you can access your emails, play games and what not?

Looking at the emerging trend, it is quite clear that the mobile is the future of marketing. So, gear up to device your mobile marketing strategies and use the Maropost mobile feature.

How to access and use the mobile feature?

1. Hover the mouse cursor on (M) logo.

2. Click on “Mobile” from the resulting drop-down menu.

3. On this page, you will see two options “SMS” and “PUSH”. The “PUSH” option is also live.

4. Next to mobile you will see status namely, Inbox, Sent, Draft, Schedule. You have the option to send the SMS, save it as a draft or schedule it for future.How to identify the “SMS” status? Sent:The green circle with a tick mark in it represents sent status. It shows the messages sent from your account. Schedule: The clock represents the schedule status for the messages. Paper Pin: The paper pin represents the SMS saved as a draft and the test’s send from the account.

5. In order to create the SMS, click on “Compose your message”.

6. Enter the SMS (Step 1) details like SMS name just like the Campaign name. In the message field, compose the SMS content. To test the SMS, enter the mobile number in the test message field and click send test otherwise click “Next”.

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7. On Step 2, select the lists or the segments to send the messages and click “Next”.

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8. Step 3 has three options: Save as draft, Send now and Schedule. In you case, you want to schedule the SMS, check the radio button for “Send At”, set the time and click on schedule at the bottom. At any step, if you want to go back and make changes, you can click on “previous” button.