This feature allows you to upload .csv files which are relatively big in size. The normal import process does not allow an import of a .csv file size bigger than 150MB, so an FTP upload is used to overcome this limitation.

1. Please download the latest Mozilla browser:

2. Hover the cursor on your account name and click ‘Connections’.

3. Click on the SFTP Access tab. You will see the following details required to setup the FTP upload: Host, server address, username, password, and port.

4. Once Firefox is open, click on ‘Tools’ > ‘Web Developer’ > ‘FireFTP’.

5. Click on ‘Create an Account’ and ‘Account Manager’ will open. This is where you fill in the details from the Maropost SFTP page.

6. Fill in the details (account name, host, username, and password) in the ‘Main’ tab.

7. Under the ‘Connection’ tab, fill the security type and port number.

8. After adding the details in Account Manager, click ‘OK’ and then click on ‘Connect’.

9. In the FTP upload, you can add a .csv file on the right hand side in ‘/uploads’ by dragging the file and adding it. This file can be used later in the Maropost app.

10. Once you’ve uploaded your .csv file, navigate to the Maropost Application ( Click on the ‘Contacts’ page, then click ‘Import’ under a list name and select ‘FTP import’. Select the file and click ‘Next’.


11. Once the upload is complete, you will be shown the contact mapping page. Select all the applicable fields and then click on ‘Import’ at the bottom.