In order to do FTP import, first of all connect to your FTP server using the fire ftp.

The FTP server login credentials are available under "Connections" tab:

The purpose of FTP import is when you want to import big files, having file size of 160 mb's or more.

Below are the steps in order to initiate a FTP import:

1) Kindly click on M logo and click on Emails.

2) Click on "Contacts" tab.

3) Click on "Imports", second sub option of List name where you want to import the contacts.

4) You will get the below image, click on "FTP Import" to initiate manual import.

5) From Select File, select the file you want to import. This file is located on FTP server.

6) Click on Next, list mapping page will open. Here, map all the fields in the CSV. It's very important to take care of the settings:

Import New Contacts: This will import the new contacts in the list.

Update Existing Contacts: This will update the existing contacts as well.

Do not trigger workflow campaigns: This option in case checked will not allow contacts to initiate the workflow.

7) Click on "Import" in the end to initiate the import.

8) You will get the notification in the notification bar to check the status of the import.