1. Segments fetch only Unique Contacts. i.e. Every contact would appear only once in the result of the segment even if it satisfies multiple conditions of the segment.
  2. Segments do not include those contacts who are present in the "Do Not Mail/Global Unsubscribe List". For example. if a contact is "Subscribed" to a list and also present in the "DNM" list, it would not be fetched into the segment.
  3. Segments are Dynamic in nature, i.e. Segments get auto-refreshed when sending out a campaign, while exporting the segment list, or if used in workflows. You can always click the “Refresh” button in front of the segment name to see the latest count.
  4. Segments fetch active/subscribed contacts only. Soft-bounced contacts are also fetched into segments until they are active. As soon as a soft-bounce becomes a hard-bounce, it becomes an inactive contact. (However, in order to include "inactive" contacts as well, we do have an option which reads “Include all active contacts” which would fetch inactive contacts with conditions which are not subscription based.)
  5. There are 2 operators in segments (AND & OR). For example: List A has contacts 1,2,3 / List B has contacts 3,4,5.
  • In list: List A OR In list: List B
    • Result: 1,2,3,4,5
  • In list> List A AND In list> List B
    • Result: 3