You can connect your Maropost account with your shopify account to fetch the customer/order details by following the steps mentioned below:

In order to fetch the customer/order details with the shopify account, there is a requirement to set up the integration with the Maropost Account. The purpose of setting up the integration is to fetch the details realtime to Maropost account. 

Below are the steps explaining the set up:

1) Login into your Shopify account and create a "private app" under Apps tab available in menu bar on left. Once you save the "private app" you’d be able to view the API key and password generated within that app which you’ll use at Maropost.

2) Login into your Maropost account. Go to "connections" tab available under "username drop down" on top right and then click on "shopify" tab on that page.

3) You should then click on "Add settings" button on the following page and setup the integration (order created customer) from Maropost side. Please add the API key and password (generated per step 1) in the settings.

4) The shop name to be entered in the settings above can be taken out from your Shopify URL. For e.g. if your Shopify URL is "" then shop name will be “account”.

5) Select the list as well in the above mentioned settings where you want to add the incoming customers from Shopify.

6) Once the settings are done at Maropost, a POST URL will be generated. Further this URL is required to setup "webhooks" at Shopify. One can do so by going to Settings>>Notifications>>Add Webhook at Shopify. (Add A Webhook, Event>>Order Creation, Format>>JSON)

7) If you want to bring over the shipping information from Shopify then you would need to create the following five custom fields in your Maropost account (Email>>contacts>>fields>>new field) before setting up the Shopify integration:






You would be able to see product, revenue and contact fields details on any contact’s "show page".

Note: The integration works in real time and customer/order details are sent to Maropost whenever any new order arrives at Shopify.