As browser keeps on changing the way they store security certificates for websites, you may experience "the website "" requires a client certificate" error while accessing our app. 

To avoid this to happen, we request you to follow the steps mentioned below:

For Safari:

  • Please go to Safari preferences.
  • There is a tab named "Privacy" and there is an option, which says Cookies and website data.
  • After that, there is an option “Always allow” which needs to be checked.

For Google Chrome:

  • Launch Google Chrome>Open settings.
  • Click the Chrome menu icon represented by three horizontal bars in the upper-right corner of the browser window, and click the "Settings" option near the bottom of the resulting drop-down menu.

  • Click the "Show advanced settings" option at the bottom of the page followed by the Content settings button located beneath the Privacy section.

Enable cookies — 

  • Check the bubble directly left of the Allow local data to be set (recommended) option near the top of the resulting pop-up window to enable browser cookies. 

Alternatively, select either of the three other options to greater specify your cookie functionality or click the grey Manage exceptions button to add individual host names to the list. 

Additionally, clicking all the cookies and site data option will provide you with an extensive list of stored cookies, broken down by the number of cookies and other relevant data. 

Click the Done button in the bottom-right corner when finished.