A Landing Page is a powerful tool for lead generation. We’ve already read about what it is. Now let's get to learn how it works!

First off, you need to have an offer. The offer must be of interest to your prospective customer and relate to the stage of the buying cycle they are presently in. Generally, when a prospect is at the early stages, the offer will be more educational and would relate to a research on the options available.

Then, you would proceed to create a landing page for that offer-

A landing page includes several elements:

It’s a page completely focused on the said offer. Even website navigation gets eliminated so as not to distract from the offer.

A compelling headline and space to explain how the offer delivers sufficient value so that a visitor is persuaded/induced to leave an email address and other information. Included bullets to detail benefits.

An image showing what the offer looks like.

A form for capturing at a minimum - an email address, and equally relevant for more information (name, company name, persona qualification question, business questions...)

A means for delivering the offer - aka the 'thank you' page