If you have more than one brand that you are managing for a promotional email program, Maropost Marketing Cloud offers you two options:

  • The first option is “Sub-Accounts”. As the name implies, "Sub-Accounts" is nothing more than separate accounts that are linked in an organizational level to a higher parent account. 
  • The second option is Maropost Marketing Cloud’s built-in Brand Management feature.
  • Sub-Accounts are helpful when you want to maintain separation between each of your brands. Sub-accounts are separate accounts; they do not share data at all between each other. You keep your contact lists, email content, and user access completely separate.
  • On the other hand, if you do a lot of cross-brand promotions, or you occasionally send “corporate communications” to every subscriber of your different brands, then Maropost Marketing Cloud’s Brand Management feature is the right option for you. It allows you to have all your contacts in a single Maropost Marketing Cloud account.
  • Even though all contacts are stored in a single account, each contact list is associated with its own respective brand. That way, when a contact receives a branded email and unsubscribes from “all campaigns,” it will only be unsubscribed from all campaigns from that one brand. It will continue to receive emails from the other brands.
  • Brand Management also allows you to manage each brand’s own sending reputation. If one of your brands suffers a setback in sending reputation and its emails get blocked or throttled by the ISPs, your other brands’ email campaigns are unaffected.
  • You can still restrict access to brands’ mailing lists, email content, and campaigns; create different folders for each of your brands, and store your contact lists, email content, segments, and campaign there. Set permissions to each of the folders for each member of the marketing team responsible for every brand.